Sincerely Jane

Bathroom picWellness to me, is doing whatever that makes me the happiest. Whatever makes me feel fulfilled. My blog, Sincerely Jane XOXO is a form of wellness to me. It’s exciting preparing content. It also makes me smile to know that there are some who have been waiting for my blog to launch. But, if I must be honest; Sincerely Jane XOXO is a project that came to mind when I thought of doing something that I enjoy that can defeat the loudness of the silence at night after my mom went to sleep. Let me explain for those of you who may not know my story.

In 2015, I lost my mom. My mom was actually my grandmother who raised me. She and I have always been super close since infancy. Rewinding back a bit to 2013; my husband and I wanted to have another baby. We thought it was time for our firstborn princess, Kiley to have a sibling. In the summer of the same year I was pregnant. We were super excited! Kiley; three years old at the time was beyond excited to hear the exciting news! I remember how she put a few containers of her favorite juice up. She said that she wanted to save that for her sibling. Fast forward to the moment my husband and I got the news that we lost our unborn baby. It was so heartbreaking to have to tell our princess that our excitement for that special moment had to be cut short. After months of trying again (even though we were still devastated over our lost), I was pregnant again. We were excited. I was still heartbroken from losing my unborn baby previous to that, however, we were happy to have another chance to have another baby. We weren’t able to celebrate very long. I lost my unborn baby . . . again. There’s no way to describe that amount of pain. I had already lost a baby that we were still hurting about and now, in 2014 . . .  we had to face that pain AGAIN. Losing a baby one time was hurtful enough. The second time . . . Two unborn babies that I wasn’t able to finish carrying. That we couldn’t kiss. Couldn’t nurture. Couldn’t protect. Couldn’t . . . hold. Devastating! We were blessed just one month later. I was extremely nervous although still wanting to enjoy my moment of carrying my baby. In January 2015, I gave birth to another princess-Kyla. We were very excited. Kiley was SO excited to be able to hold her for the first time after she was born. I didn’t even come close to imagining during all that happiness that December of the same year, I would not have my mom.

To get to the point of Sincerely Jane XOXO, when my babies would be taking a nap and my husband at work, I would always have my mom to talk to. My husband and I talk throughout his work day, however he has to work. Lol! So, that’s where Sincerely Jane XOXO comes in. It gives me something to do in those silent, but “loud” moments.

Okay, y’all . . . don’t think I don’t have any friends. I do. Lol. However, Sincerely Jane XOXO is something that I wanted to do and I’m excited about it. Whether five people read it or five thousand or five million; it’s the something I’m doing because I want to. As I stated earlier, it’s a form of wellness for me. Maybe you’re on Sincerely Jane XOXO because it’s a form of wellness for you too. Or maybe you just like my blog and look forward to seeing what I post. That would be awesome! Either way, thank you for stopping by. Enjoy!

XO, Jane

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