Attitude of Gratitude

IMG_7240Meet Nicole-Taylor. She has spent the last four years in and out of hospitals due to a severe chronic illness that leaves her paralyzed for long lengths of time. On her website, I couldn’t help but to take notice of her beautiful smile and her message of having gratitude. She has a project, “30 Ways to an Attitude of Gratitude.” Continue reading to get to know Nicole-Taylor a little better and to learn about her project. 

  1. Who is Nicole-Taylor? Nicole-Taylor is a boujee strong woman, mother and lover of all things adventure. A little over the top, but always giving and loving with her whole heart and never allows an illness or anything to stand in her way . . .She is just living her life one day at a time, hoping that if she does it right; once will be more than enough.
  2. Can you explain the inspiration behind “30 Ways to an Attitude of Gratitude” project? I started living this project after I got diagnosed with a chronic illness a few years ago, one that causes seizures and stroke symptoms leaving me paralyzed for long lengths at a time. So, I had two choices. I could give up and be depressed or I could come up with ways to keep living my life and find ways to still feel grateful that I am still alive (which is what I did). I then decided that if I need all of these reminders from time to time, others might need them too, especially with where we are as humans right now. I decided to put together this challenge to give people a different perspective for the end of the year. By doing this challenge, it gives people a different outlook on the busiest, most stressful time for most people. It gives people a different outlook going into the New Year. Maybe this year has been a rough one for them. Maybe it’s been great. Either way, people always need to show themselves and others more gratitude. Getting sick changed my perspective on life.
  3. How important do you think it is for everyone to show gratitude? IMG_7241It’s huge! Love and human kindness can literally change a person’s day. It can change a person’s outlook and most importantly, it can change someone’s life. You hear countless stories about people just reaching out, people just loving themselves again or just giving someone else that little bit of appreciation that got them through the toughest times, and that to me is what showing gratitude is. You can wake up everyday and have a choice to be happy; a choice to show kindness and help a stranger-or you can be the stranger that needs help. By being a more positive, grateful person; no matter what is going wrong or when life happens . . . you will no longer have a negative outlook on these events. You’ll have people around you who can help guide you through these events because you’ve shown them how grateful you are and now it’s their turn. Gratitude is important to show because it’s a cycle. If you give it, then you will receive it.
  4. Your website is Can you explain what that means to you? I am a very over the top person. Boujee should be my middle name. I have always been called high maintenance. I am proud that I appreciate a certain lifestyle and demand things for myself. I also want people to know that it’s okay to be YOU. It’s okay to be a bossbabe, to love yourself as much as others and to stand up for what you believe in. I wanted my website to be who I am. A site that stands out amongst others, something that isn’t ordinary and most of all-the pinnacle of blogs.
  5. If you could give any advice to your younger self on showing gratitude, what would it be? I would say keep being the positive person who love others for who they are, keep be accepting of people and it’s okay to love to travel. I would say to never stop exploring. Never allow anyone to dim your light. I would say, your mom ends up being your best friend so don’t start hating her. But, most of all; I would say to live your life just as you did because that’s how we got where we are. While the journey was rough, with lots and lots of bumps; we made it and we are doing great!


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