Chloe Brown

IMG_2191 2I discovered Chloe Brown online recently and immediately became curious to hear her story after seeing her wear a “Wear Your Brokenness Beautifully” T-shirt. I initially thought she was a hair stylist after seeing that each square on Instagram showcased her beautifully modeling different styles of short hair. For my audience who have been following me for years, you know that I always talk about how much more important inner beauty is than outer beauty is to me. I always say while it’s fun to get dressed, to have hair your done and makeup done; focusing on inner beauty is valuable. It’s priceless. 

On Instagram- October 25th to be exact, Chloe wrote: “I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the beautiful soul that lives within.”

She continued, “Improving makeup and hair skills are always fun, but those skills have no effect on the heart. The daily effort towards improving self love, your identity and your heart is hard and sometimes ugly, but the beauty that comes out of those practices is more beautiful than any makeup you put on or hair product you use.”

In the picture were two side by side photos of herself, one with makeup on and the other without labeled: ME . . . STILL ME.

Her vulnerability is what I admire. Oftentimes, many shy away from being vulnerable thinking of it as a weakness when in fact, it really is a strength. IMG_2553 2

 Who is Chloe Brown?
After years of struggling with the ugliness of my past, I decided it was time to make a change and learn to love myself… truly love myself. As I write this, I still feel broken and in a lot of ways I still am. I will never be perfect, but my goal is to be real and honest with myself. I hope to encourage others to do the same because we are worth it.
 What was the motivation behind your website ?
It’s a platform and apparel line that remind women daily to be okay with things they struggle with. Simple yet complex messages like, “Wear Your Brokenness Beautifully” , “I choose ME.” and “Accept Love.” The underlying message is because of what I have learned from my past. I choose to wear my brokenness beautifully. Making strides everyday to become healthier and stronger. Now, I believe my “brokenness” is what makes me beautiful and I believe that’s what makes everyone beautiful.
What is your definition of beautiful?
My definition of beautiful is similar to resilience. I see beauty when people are overcomers. Being beautiful isn’t on the outward appearance, but to me it’s rooted in our daily efforts towards improving self love, our identities and our hearts… These things are HARD and sometimes ugly, but the beauty that comes out of these practices are more beautiful than what any makeup we put on or any hair product we use.
 What inspired you to be a hair stylist and specifically for short hair?
I am actually not a hairstylist. A LOT of people think I am. I am just a girl with a short haircut. I love being creative and I love makeup and hair. I use my platform in a way to encourage people in taking risks with being courageous and chopping off their hair, or challenging them to accept love for themselves.
If you could give any advice about loving yourself, what would it be and why?
Often times, we don’t feel like we deserve to be loved or to love ourselves. We speak awful things to ourselves. Yet, we love others so deeply. We reject compliments, kind gestures and love from others because we feel that we don’t deserve it. But the truth is we were made to love and be loved. My best advice would be to stop rejecting love and start accepting it. Start by speaking truth, God’s truth about you to yourself in the mirror. Speak it out loud. Do it until you believe it. Then, accept compliments, say thank you! You’ll realize you have love all around you.

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