Marcella Precise

The Great Adventures Of Marcella Precise COVER.jpgMarcella Precise has a NEW AMAZING album that is on my playlist entitled “The Great Adventures Of Marcella Precise”
I had the pleasure of listening to such an amazing body of work. She is definitely in her own lane. She’s an incredible storyteller. Her voice flows effortlessly on each track,
keeping her listeners’ ears open to what she’s about to say next. Marcella’s energy on and off her album is sure to uplift everyone. “The Great Adventures of Marcella Precise” closes with a track titled, “Sincerely Marcella” and indeed everything she says and does is cohesive to what’s become her brand. A curator of all things great and an inspiration to many. She is sincerely building her legacy a day at a time.
Marcella is an award winning songwriter of the Production/Songwriting Duo, Lady And A Tramp and recording artist. Besides being a featured singer on several international DJ singles (“Own The Night” has over 700,000 streams), she co-wrote the party starter/backyard bbq/family reunion staple “Ain’t Leavin Without You” by Jaheim and this year she co-produced a Tv Commercial for CNBC’s “The Deed” starring multi-millionaire real estate mogul Sidney Torres.
Look out for Marcella’s awesome writing on the latest New Kids of The Block’s new song “80’s Baby” that features Naughty By Nature, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Salt-n-Pepa and on the upcoming album from Leah Jenea (fan favorite of Fox’s The Fourentitled “Nina Meets Leah”.
At the same time her brilliant inspiration blog YAAY-YOU (yaay-you.blogspot,com) has had over 2.1 million views from people around the work looking for good news and positive energy. Just wow.
Who is Marcella Precise?
I am a grateful grateful GRATEFUL person that believes it’s okay to believe in yourself and the people you are fortunate enough to share you time with. I believe it’s okay to give your best and FEEL goodness daily.
Your positive energy is wonderful. How important is it to you to set intentions?
Thank you 🙂 I intend to listen to God and see the signs for my actions to help with my life goals. I believe intention is important. Doing things with love is very important. Love should start with good intentions. Love makes everything feel possible.
Do you have a vision board?
Of course I do! You can put really great fun images on there and watch how organically some things may materialize. We also have vision gatherings so everyone can make a new one or update the one they have. I was given The YaaYSayer, by my someone because I encourage diverse ideas that may help a person get to their happiest mindset. A vision board is apart of those ideas and it’s fun to make. I share self-encouragement concepts that can hopeful combat depressing thoughts, create events that inspire positive forward ideas and write about good occurrences at my blog YaaY-You. With over 2.1 million views, the blog has lead to The YaaY You Experience meet ups and first edition of The Yaay You self-encouragement audio album. 
 If so, how often do you look at the vision board?
I look at in the morning. I mainly pray, smile inside and give thanks for every new day, through out my day ALL DAY. Those ideas gives me joy and peace in my forward motion.  I am truly grateful.
If you could give any advice about setting intentions, what would it be? 
Have fun and gooo! I don’t give advice but for myself, I aim to have faith daily and use thoughts that coincide with how I want to FEEL as well as how I would like my day to go. I show appreciation and reasons to feel appreciated are always circulating in my life.

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