Something To Think About

You know what I have been thinking about lately? So many of us talk about self care. Self care is when you give the love to yourself that you give to others and in the way others so deeply love you. Oftentimes, many are so compassionate toward others, but fail to show the same compassion to themselves. And, what do we think about when we mention inner beauty? A kind heart, a great personality, perhaps being a compassionate person and the list goes on! Here’s the thing though . . . think about this for me. Can we accomplish those things if our friends don’t represent that? Self care to me is also about curating a space that makes being a light easy. We are a reflection of who we often allow in our space. At times we all step out of character. We are all imperfect. But, whatever behavior is consistent says a lot. We continue to grow when we are surrounded by family and friends who encourage us to rise higher. I’m not including a career in this statement. I’m speaking on our inner beauty. Great and genuine energy should be included in what you mean when you talk about self care. If you are friends with those who encourage you to belittle or dehumanize others by the subject of their conversations- according to my definition of self care; you may want to consider being a voice of compassion. It may even be an encouragement to your friends who may need it. I definitely would like to continue this conversation. But, tell me what are your thoughts on this?

XO, Jane

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