The Me I Want To Know

A Letter To Myself

Hey Jamie! It’s me . . . or should I say it’s you? I know what a keepsakes person you’ve always been, so I envision you unfolding this letter; maybe even just removing it from a perfectly sized manila folder or envelope to read. I decided to write a letter in future tense because I already published a letter to young Jane years ago. Remember? Lol. I’m not so sure why I initially stated that this is to you to read in five years. You can read this anytime before that if you choose. I have confidence that you are still YOU, that you are still finding humor in so many things. Are you still practicing wellness. Remember how you had your own definition: To do whatever beautifully fulfills you. Don’t ever forget to do that. I love how family oriented you are. You love your family VERY much! Beyond what any words could ever express. I love your ability to try to be a helping hand to others. I love how you are always grateful for your blessings. I love how you try to be attentive to others’ sensitivities-those you know and even those you don’t know. You have a balance with it though. You know when to stand up for what you believe in. You also understand that everything doesn’t require a response. You’re awesome!

It’s not very much I can say about you years from now. All I can do is remind you are what you are today and pray that you continue to grow. Mama would be so proud of you. Some people say that they are competing with who they were yesterday. Not me! I am who I am because of young Jane and you are who you are because of me. We are in this together. What I can agree on though, is you challenging yourself. When you do that you can grow into the best version of yourself. Don’t stop being you. You are such an outstanding person. You’ve always known that. Don’t forget it. I love you, Jane! I love you! I love you! I love you!

XO, Jane


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