A Look At What It Means To Love The Skin You’re In!

Noriella’s Fitness Journey

What does it really mean to love the skin you’re in? Does one feel confident all the time? I remember how Gabby Sidibe explained confidence. She said it’s like lipstick. You have to continue to reapply it. To anyone who’s on a fitness journey, or any journey needing the reassurance that you can do it- take a moment to read about Noriella’s journey. She’s very honest about what it truly means to love the skin you’re in. But, don’t compare your story to her story. You may have a different perspective and that’s okay. Sincerely Jane XOXO is about uplifting you. Perhaps you may be able to relate to her feelings of discouragement? Or her determination to be confident.

This is Noriella’s fitness journey!


What has motivated you to live a healthier lifestyle?

Prior to my fitness journey, I have always struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whenever I would lose 10 to 15 pounds, I would gain it all back, as well as a few extra pounds because I was so discouraged. This time around, the main thing that pushed me to lose weight without relapsing was knowing my worth. Yes, women of all sizes are beautiful, but I knew I could do better for my overall health and wellbeing. You know that saying, ” You are what you eat?” That was literally how I felt all of the time – moody, sluggish and drained a majority of the day because I was not watching my eating. Also, my dream is to inspire others to live their best life and to be healthy while doing it. That being said, I want to practice what I preach which is why I started my fitness journey publicly via social media. Lastly, the main thing that motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle was finally accepting that I was overweight. I also wanted to become a better version of me mentally and physically.

What are some challenges you face trying to maintain your fitness routine?

For me, living at home as a college student has been a major struggle especially since I am the only one in the household that is trying to eat healthy on a daily basis. On top of that, staying up late studying and doing homework causes me to snack a lot even if I am not hungry. Another challenge is going to school full time, working part time and having several extracurricular activities all at once. It is very hard to maintain a busy life with fitness and health, especially when it’s a new lifestyle. Lastly, it is hard to stay motivated 24/7 . . . Of course, I enjoy eating healthy and going to the gym because I feel amazing afterwards. There are also times when I have no motivation to meal prep, nor go to the gym, but I always push myself and think of the overall picture.

You seem very confident, as you should be in the midst of your fitness journey. What does confidence mean to you?

“. . . my dream is to inspire others to live their best life and to be healthy while doing it”

Confidence is when someone can be themselves no matter who’s around, nor do they feel like they have to change themselves in order to please others. Most importantly, confidence is a statement. Anyone can sense one’s confidence through their body language, speech and overall aura.

Have you ever had a moment of feeling discouraged and not sure if you’ll meet your fitness goals?

Being honest; sometimes it feels like I have more bad days versus good ones throughout my journey. A lot of people do not realize there are several things that can discourage someone from reaching their fitness goals. One major thing that has discouraged me throughout my journey is comparing my progress to others and reminiscing on what other women have that I don’t (small waist, larger butt, etc.) The media can discourage me at times, especially when society depicts unrealistic images of what the “ideal” woman should look like which I am far from in society’s eyes.

What do you know about yourself now that you didn’t know before?

I have realized that I am capable of achieving any and every goal I set no matter how hard or impossible it may seem. That being said; once I realized I could accomplish the one goal I thought was impossible (taking control of my life again), I’ve learned the only thing that can ever hold me back in life is me, myself and I. I have learned that I am enough, and being my goofy self with no filter is okay. Lastly, I have learned that the only way to succeed is to compete with myself and never compare my progress to others. Ever since I have stuck to this, my confidence has skyrocketed through the roof and I can genuinely say I am happy with the skin I am in. Although I have a long way to go until I reach my overall fitness goal; I have finally realized I can slay regardless of my size.

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