Give Attention To Your Pain



One of the many reasons I love Sincerely Jane XOXO is because I get to give you a letter of many different subjects. I genuinely want you to know that you matter. I genuinely want you to know that you are enough. Listening and helping others is one of my passions, yet it’s also what I consider a gift. You, yes you who’s reading this- you deserve to have a listening ear and you deserve to be celebrated. I don’t know your story, but even so . . . HERE on Sincerely Jane, is where I want you to feel celebrated. I want you to know that you are heard. Every time you see an email from me or every time you go directly to this website; when you read the letters, I want you to know that I thought of you.

I’m not sure if I have any readers of Sincerely Jane XOXO who are holding on to hurt and pain, but if you are – this letter is for you. Some people may think that they wouldn’t be understood. There are far too many people that are walking through life with unresolved pain, with unreleased expressions of frustrations toward others, with a desire to live a different life, but too afraid to spread their wings and the list goes on.

What are you going through? What have you experienced? Do you have a family member or a friend addicted to drugs? Do you need to get help for the amount of alcohol you consume to numb unspoken pain? Were you abandoned by your parents? Whatever it is: know that there are many people who can relate to your story. The truth is powerful. It can heal. Even if you never tell but a small number of people who love you and want the best for you or even one. Releasing that pain is for your healing. There are so many questions that may go through your head, but truth is: you have to honor your voice. Understand that sharing your story doesn’t have to be publicly. It can simply mean having the courage to speak your truth to someone close to you. Also, understand that everyone wanting a front row seat is not always a supporter. Know the difference! Save yourself the headache. Everyone doesn’t deserve a sit at the table of your life.

This letter is also for those kindhearted, selfless people who spend so much time investing in the betterment of others’ lives who may have experienced similar situations as themselves. You have shared your story and it freed you. As a matter of fact, it frees you each time you share it. Can I give you something to think about? Here are my questions: How long was it after your experience did you start to reach out to help others? Did you get help for yourself? Are you currently seeking help or trying to heal properly? You wanna know something? I think sometimes people start trying to heal others on a level far greater than they should before they even get the proper healing. Is that you? I understand your desire to want to encourage others. I love when people strive to uplift others. When you uplift others, you are also uplifted. However, starting movements and campaigns surrounding a subject that you haven’t given yourself a chance to heal from may be “chipping” at you each time and you may not even realize it. Perhaps you’re stressed a lot. If I had to guess – it’s because all of your energy goes into solving a problem that you aren’t yet ready to deal with. You may think that you are, but truth is; maybe you need time to just NOT be okay. Maybe you need time to sit still for a moment. Did you know that you can get second hand PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) by just reading and viewing stressful stories. What if telling your story over and over again is causing you anxiety or depression because you haven’t taken the proper time to take care of you? These are words from someone who cares: Take a break. What ever projects you’re working on will be right there when you return. Take a break! Notice I said “break”. You can return to what you’re doing. All I’m asking is that you get yourself the healing you deserve. Please? Stop holding all of that stuff in. That’s not good. Prayer is most definitely on the top of the list as well and as I stated earlier, you can consider releasing that pain while someone listens. You may not heal over night, but in time; you’ll feel better.

I want to conclude this letter by saying: Gift yourself with hope. The only way to unwrap that hope is to love yourself enough to know that you deserve healing. The only way to healing is to accept what has happened to you and block out the judgements of others who aren’t interested in your well being. People will always judge you, but the ones who are truly in your corner will be right by your side as always to support you. And, if you currently share your story; take a moment to help YOU like you help others so you can continue to help others. You deserve it. I don’t want you to walk around heavyhearted. Free yourself by honoring your truth on a level that’s comfortable for you.

I love you!




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