A Hard Lesson

I learned a very hard lesson at just sixteen years old. I published a portion of it in November of 2017 on Thrive Global. It was from a chapter in my book, Journey. People seemed to enjoy reading it, however; I didn’t include the entire chapter. This post includes the entire chapter. Having people read that was freeing for me. Actually being courageous enough to write it and¬†publish¬†it was freeing. The story of my aunt Cynthia and I was always like “the elephant in the room” type situation when I was growing up, or at least that’s what it felt like to me. I always expressed myself to my mother (grandmother) growing and as an adult I shared it with my husband. They were very supportive and helped me heal. Now, I’m sharing it with you.

YOU are the author of your OWN story. Once you know that, you can look beyond anything that doesn’t matter.

Here’s the story of my aunt Cynthia and I!

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My message to you is: Don’t bow your head in shame for a situation that you learned from. Don’t allow yourself to be held hostage by yesterday. You will be okay. Hold your head up and focus on your healing.



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