Just Keep Going


In 2006 on a rainy summer day, I was on I-10 in Louisiana driving like any other day. The traffic was heavy on the interstate, but I was in no rush. And all of a sudden I realized that I am spinning in circles! On a rainy day! On a busy interstate! As the car is spinning I hear the glass shattering, the car goes to the edge of the interstate and then continues to spin its way to the right lane. The shattering glass and tires screeching sounds like something out of a movie. An 18-wheeler hit me!

You ever seen a movie where so many memories flash into a person’s mind? Like a million? That really happens. I was praying out loud as the car was spinning. I was thinking of my mother. I was thinking of my boyfriend who is now my amazing husband. “My mommy’s gonna be so heartbroken. Please, take care of her for me. Just when I meet this amazing man.” Then I continue to pump on the brakes. Harder and harder and harder. I think back to an episode of Oprah where she talked about what to do if you lose control of the wheel. “What did she say, again?” I’m trying my hardest to steer the wheel. Still praying. Then I think of my uncle, Isiah. “I just talked to my mommy. I just talked to my boyfriend. I didn’t get a chance to talk to my uncle today.” I had so many thoughts and memories going through my head. I was still trying to control the wheel. My mindset was, if I don’t get out of this car, it sure won’t be because I didn’t try. I’m gonna do all I can. And I did. There was a moment where the car went right back to the edge of the interstate and rocked. Still I didn’t surrender. I just prayed. And prayed. And prayed. The car had already spun back to the middle of the interstate. And then it finally stops spinning after what seemed like forever.

I immediately think of the advice my mother had given me and many others for years. “If you have an accident, don’t move your neck”. She knew of someone who was paralyzed for moving too soon or something like that. So, I stayed still. Sirens are blasting. From my view, I can see how everyone on the interstate is at a complete stand still. There was a nice lady who called the police and was telling them what happened. Apparently, the driver of the 18-wheeler was trying to say it was my fault. Witnesses and the skid marks on the concrete let the police know that I was knocked out of my lane.

The whole point of me sharing this story is to say: At your hardest moments, at your lowest, at your most uncertain . . . you already have everything you need to get through that moment – Faith, the motivation by thinking of your loved ones and the determination to not give up! Whatever you’re going through, it’s gonna be okay if you want to be okay. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. You got this! Just keep going.



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