mark-kamalov-583354-unsplashYou may be a bit confused by the name. No need to go grabbing a dictionary or searching on the dictionary app on your phone. This is the name of the street where so many beautiful memories were made in my life as a little girl. I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There’s a man named Isiah Carey who’s also from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am proud to call him my uncle. I lost my grandfather at the age of 7 and my biological father at the age of 11. My uncle stepped in to help mama (my grandmother) with me.

My uncle has been on my mind all night, so I decided to share this letter with you.

I remember after graduating from the fifth grade, my uncle got a job offer in Little Rock, Arkansas as a news journalist. He was working already as a journalist in Baton Rouge. I still remember that moment he found out. Mama, my aunt Carulyn and I were standing up in the living room. Isiah sat down in a chair and told us that he got the job. He cried. It wasn’t a heavy sob, but I remember him wiping the tears from his eyes. Mama and my aunt were cheering because they were proud, but they also shed tears too. Of course, they were tears of joy, but there probably was also that anxiety because now he would be miles away from his family in a new and at the time, unfamiliar state to us all. I remember a day before he was headed to the airport, I was half sleep. He planted a kiss in my forehead before he left out of the house. I wonder of he will recall that moment when he sees this. Listen! remember (smile). According to him, he doesn’t remember anything beyond “two” days. I’m gonna have to disagree with that. LOL!

I am so grateful for my uncle. He means so much to me. My babies love him and my prince’s middle name is Isiah. He lives in Texas. When he comes to visit, I always make sure he’s greeted with his favorite foods. Growing up, he helped register me for school, he bought me my first car as a teenager, he even drove me to college to register. He taught me how to drive. Everything that a father is supposed to do, he has done. He gave me away at my wedding. My children love him, my husband loves him. He is uncle/father to me.

I am super proud of him. It has nothing to do with his career accomplishments. He’s about who he is as a person and what he means to my family. I love him. Always has. Always will!

Happy Sunday!

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