Entrepreneur Spotlight

Kevin Benoit; Founder of Parle’ Magazine
Kevin Benoit is a 32 year old entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York. He started Parle’ Magazine at 17 years old, as a freshmen in college (2004). After six years in print, the magazine went online for good in 2010.


Parle’ means to speak in French, not to be confused with the English word, parlay. When he was thinking of the name, he wanted something that represented him at that time in his life, but also sounded like it belonged.


I think you just have to create your own thing. That goes for writing and anything else you work on in life.


More than I can count or name. I passed up on an internship at Vibe Magazine in 2004, a few months after starting Parle’ because I thought I had nothing to learn. I didn’t know much about media when I started my magazine. No mentor . . . no idea {of} what I was doing. It was all cool because I was young, but I overspent and everything was really trial and error.

I probably waited too long to transition to an online magazine. {I} spent a lot of time in print and let the online boom come. Years later, many of those folks are gone and I am still here, but media all around isn’t what it used to be.


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