A Hard Lesson

I learned a very hard lesson at just sixteen years old. I published a portion of it in November of 2017 on Thrive Global. It was from a chapter in my book, Journey. People seemed to enjoy reading it, however; I didn't include the entire chapter. This post includes the entire chapter. Having people read [...]

A Look At What It Means To Love The Skin You’re In!

Noriella's Fitness Journey What does it really mean to love the skin you're in? Does one feel confident all the time? I remember how Gabby Sidibe explained confidence. She said it's like lipstick. You have to continue to reapply it. To anyone who's on a fitness journey, or any journey needing the reassurance that you [...]

A Story of Strength

The Beauty of Transformation Patti Palacios is truly a story of strength. Both feet on the ground, refusing to look behind. She is most definitely a representation of what I had in mind when I thought of creating Sincerely Jane XOXO. I wanted each story to be like a message of encouragement to whomever may [...]

Marcella Precise

Marcella Precise has a NEW AMAZING album that is on my playlist entitled "The Great Adventures Of Marcella Precise" I had the pleasure of listening to such an amazing body of work. She is definitely in her own lane. She's an incredible storyteller. Her voice flows effortlessly on each track, keeping her listeners' ears open to [...]