You may be a bit confused by the name. No need to go grabbing a dictionary or searching on the dictionary app on your phone. This is the name of the street where so many beautiful memories were made in my life as a little girl. I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There's a man named [...]

A Hard Lesson

I learned a very hard lesson at just sixteen years old. I published a portion of it in November of 2017 on Thrive Global. It was from a chapter in my book, Journey. People seemed to enjoy reading it, however; I didn't include the entire chapter. This post includes the entire chapter. Having people read [...]

Sincerely Jane

Wellness to me, is doing whatever that makes me the happiest. Whatever makes me feel fulfilled. My blog, Sincerely Jane XOXO is a form of wellness to me. It's exciting preparing content. It also makes me smile to know that there are some who have been waiting for my blog to launch. But, if I [...]